255 Siglap, Kg Eunos, Eunos Rd 5

Note :  Hxxxxx is the Taxi hirer looking for Taxi relief drivers. Hxxxxx租车德士司机找替班司机 (长期)             Rxxxxx is the Taxi relief drivers want to drive TAXI.. .Rxxxxx 是替班Taxi司机要驾 TAXI (长期)
H26923 name: chua
address: 415 Eunos rd 5
contact: 92365485
Company: SMRT Prius 2yrs old
 Details: DAY relief driver, 5.30pm- 5.30am or 6pm to 6am. Able to negotiate.
Rental : $60.Interested Please contact me at 83711117 for more details. 
H26617 name: Mr. Koh
address: Eunos
contact: 96881200
Company: Comfort Delgo   Sonata
Details:   Looking for permanent Sunday Relief Driver full day  (Night / Day Shift)
name: nicholas
address: Eunos
contact: 92365485
Company: smrt Toyota prius
Details: Looking for WEEKEND Relief  SAT night, 
SUNDAY day/night/fullday  Taxi park at blk 415 Eunos Road 5 ,near Eunos mrt. self collect. 
name: Robin chew
address: Kg Eunos
contact: 97310112
Company: SMRT/Pirius
Details: 7 days ...5am to 5pm
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Dear Sir (All the above person) ,

Thank you very much for the payment for 1 year service fee. 

(1) Taxi hirer looking for Taxi relief drivers.租车德士司机找替班司机 (长期) 
(2) Taxi relief drivers want to drive TAXI.. . < 替班Taxi司机要驾 TAXI (长期) 
(3) Taxi hirer looking for Short Term taxi relief driver 租车Taxi司机 找短期Taxi替班司机 (短期) 
(4) Short Term Taxi relief drivers want to drive TAXI . 短期替班司机要驾Taxi短期 (短期)

You can repeat to advertise in any above (1) (2) (3) (4) or  (1) and (3) or (2) and (4) or all (1) (2) (3) (4) or make amendment on your information regardless how many time for the 1 year time started from the date of making payment. 

Note : your contact number (HP) is the user ID. If you have changed your HP number, please inform us you new HP number either by SMS or e-mail, and we will update your HP number in our record.  

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