100  China Town, Tanjong Pagar, Havelock Road

Note :  Hxxxxx is the Taxi hirer looking for Taxi relief drivers. Hxxxxx租车德士司机找替班司机 (长期)             Rxxxxx is the Taxi relief drivers want to drive TAXI.. .Rxxxxx 是替班Taxi司机要驾 TAXI (长期)
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H27051 name: Mr Ho
address: Upper across Street
contact: 90218427
Company: Comfort Delgro Yellow Cab
Details: Hirer looking for Relief driver. Monday - Friday , 6am to 6pm. Sat-Sunday full day or 6am to 6pm.
Mr Hairi
Outram, Havelock, Chinatown
Transcab, Chevrolet Epica
Mon-Sun 6pm-6am
H26086 name: Mr Ho
address: Upper cross street
contact: 90218427
Company: Comfort Delgro
Details: Looking for 5-7 days relief driver to drive day shift
name: Mah
address: Tanjong Pagar
contact: 91170303
Company: Premier / Optima
Details: Looking For Relief To Drive 6a.m. To 6 p.m. Daily.
name: Mr. Jacky Tan
address: Tiong Bahru, Havelock, Kim Tian, Bukit Ho Swee
contact: 91506815
Company: Premier KIA Optima
Details: Looking for night shift relife driver, can driver 6 or 7 night
(5 pm to 5 am).
Prfer to stay close by, interested please call. Jacky 9150 6815 before 5 pm or do leave SMS to discuss further. Can start November next month.
H24980 name: andy
address: china town.banda St.
contact: 90068292
Company: transcab chevrolet epica.
Details: Looking for night 6.pm to 6.am. from thu. Sunday.
R24936 Name : James 
HP : 87270122
Location : Near Town Area
Company : Premier Optima Only
Details : Looking for Wed n Fri night only. Eve of public holiday n public holiday can drive night also.  Can be temporary, until you find main relief driver, I will be out. I had paid relief insurance, your main relief no need to pay insurance. 
 name: Goh
address: Havelock Road/ Tiong Bahru
contact: 96611596
Company: Transcab/ Renault
Details: Looking for night relief to drive on Sunday  6pm to 6am.
name: Eugene Goh
address: Blk 53 Havelock Road
contact: 96611596
Company: Transcab / Renault latitude
Details: Sunday to Thursdays. 5 days per week. 0030hrs to 0630hrs. Rental $18 a day. Will pick you from your house when handover. Please call or sms if interested
R24702 name: Mohammed
address: Havelock Road
contact: 98003474
Company: Comfort & CityCab
Details: Looking forward to drive Day Shift from Monday to Friday, 6am-6pm.
H24499 name: Andy
address: China town
Company: 90068292
Details: Looking for day or night pls. Call


name: Andy
address: China town
contact: 90068292
Company: Transcab Epica
Details: Looking for permanent days 5.00am to 5.00pm. 6 to 7 Days.
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Dear Sir (All the above person) ,

Thank you very much for the payment for 1 year service fee. 

(1) Taxi hirer looking for Taxi relief drivers.租车德士司机找替班司机 (长期) 
(2) Taxi relief drivers want to drive TAXI.. . < 替班Taxi司机要驾 TAXI (长期) 
(3) Taxi hirer looking for Short Term taxi relief driver 租车Taxi司机 找短期Taxi替班司机 (短期) 
(4) Short Term Taxi relief drivers want to drive TAXI . 短期替班司机要驾Taxi短期 (短期)

You can repeat to advertise in any above (1) (2) (3) (4) or  (1) and (3) or (2) and (4) or all (1) (2) (3) (4) or make amendment on your information regardless how many time for the 1 year time started from the date of making payment. 

Note : your contact number (HP) is the user ID. If you have changed your HP number, please inform us you new HP number either by SMS or e-mail, and we will update your HP number in our record.  

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