What is the meaning of TAXI HIRER, TAXI RELIEF DRIVER ?

In Singapore, mostly taxi are owned by taxi companies, A person who hire the taxi from the taxi companies are called Taxi hirer. The taxi hirer has to pay rental to the taxi companies for the taxi driving, Instead of one person driving Taxi whole day, he or she can ask someone (this someone is called relief driver) to help him to drive certain hours with certain amount to be paid by the relief driver to the hirer which can be discussed and agreed between both of them. 

 JUST FOR LAUGH : Some taxi drivers still do know what is the meaning of taxi hirer when visited www.cabby.sg when asked to fill in the form in the field of position, which requested them to show either they are hirer or relief driver. Some put the word of YES at this field. YES FOR WHAT ? I do not understand ? I have to base on other informations they have keyed in the field of details to make certain his position. Sometime, after viewing their information provided. I still do not know he or she is either a hirer or relief driver, I still do not know their intention either want to drive taxi or for looking someone to be their relief driver. You can find all these information in www.cabby.sg  My suggestion to them is to use simple English, Like, I want to drive…  or I am looking for relief driver….  these 2 simple sentence. I know some of taxi drivers are not good in English, they can still use the Mandarin character for filling in the form also.

 IMPORTANT NOTE :  When you click To see Taxi hirer, Taxi relief driver 租车德士司机,替班司机, ,     you will be able to see

 (1) Taxi hirer  looking for Taxi relief drivers.租车德士司机找替班司机  长期

(2) Taxi relief drivers want to drive TAXI.. . <替班 Taxi司机要驾 TAXI   长期    

(3) Taxi hirer  looking for Short Term taxi relief driver  租车Taxi司机 找短期Taxi替班司机                            短期

(4) Short Term Taxi relief drivers   want to drive TAXI  . 短期替班司机要驾Taxi短期              短期

 You can just type 1, 2, 3 or 4 in the field of position. And I will put your information accordingly. But please type in correctly.

1 and 2 is for long term. 3 and 4 is for short term (for example, few days, few weeks or few months of taxi driving only) 

 Please talk to other taxi drivers in their language either in Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese,  Chinese, Indian or  Malay to let them know the above messages. 

 THANK YOU for your help.


要驾德士, 他或她 从出租车公司雇用的出租车用在驾驶, 他或她被称为的士租用人

的士租用人必须支付租金给出租车公司,如果他不想要一个人驾驶出租车整整一天,他或她请其他的人帮他驾驶某些时段, 还有收集某些金额, (此其他的人被称为替班司机


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