Mini Camera DVR
click here to see the real road accident using the above Mini Camera DVR to record. 
I saw this type of reckless driver (click below to see Reckless car race)   on 12 Nov 2012 along PIE about 16:45pm. And this reckless driver was not as lucky as the picture show. This reckless driver Mr. X was also driving very fast, weaving in and out of lanes. Out of a sudden, in front of Mr. Xs car stopped, and Mr. X's car went out of control, his car swung left and hitting another car on lane 3. My taxi was far behind of his car. To avoid hitting his car behind, I swung my taxi to his right side. But due to Mr.Xs nervous, he swung his car again to the right and hit my taxis left side. I regretted I did not have the camera to record all this happening, otherwise, I have the peace of mind. And in his accident statement, he said I hit his vehicle and causing his vehicle to skip to hit the left side vehicle. And because of this, Although it was not my fault, I, wasting a lot of time and money  in settle this accident case.   Now I have bought the above camera to prevent same thing happen in future. 

我看到这种类型的鲁莽司机(点击下面看到鲁莽司机的汽车比赛)于2012年11月12日下午16:45左右沿PIE。我看到的这个鲁莽的司机是没有图片显示的司机那么幸运,。这鲁莽的司机  X先生​​也驾驶速度非常快,乱乱更换车道。突然,在X先生的车前的那辆车突然停了下来,X先生的车失控,他的车子击中另一辆车在车道3。我的出租车远远落后于X先生的车。为了避免撞上他的车后面,我倒向我的出租车TAXI在他的右手边。但由于.X先生的紧张,他随即更换汽车头撞击我的出租车的左侧。我很遗憾,我没有相机来记录下这一切的发生,否则,我有平和的心态。而在他的事故说明,他说,我撞击他的车,导致他的车撞击左侧车辆。正因为如此,虽然它不是我的错,我解决这个意外情况下,浪费了大量的时间和金钱。现在,我已经买了上面的摄像头,以防止同样的事情发生在未来。

  Reckless car race
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