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MCC185 Message to you : Now you can save on electricity bill, click here to see the details
MCC184 Reply From LTA - Regarding CCTVs
MCC183 Kallang Basin Swimming Complex - Introduction of Kayaking
MCC182 The Car park which have NO GRACE PERIOD
MCC181 Computer got problem. - click the picture to see more   - GOOD--->>1.png (115335 bytes)1a.png (113621 bytes)
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MCC180 Name: James
Details: Got my TVDL during 2010 but have not being driving since. Recently lost my job, may I know drive taxi or uber better? Thanks
Click here if you want to tell Mr. James anything about it.
Photo0381.jpg (1603121 bytes)MCC176m.jpg (1194918 bytes)

put on top of the queen size bed, will free cool to sleep on it. Bought in many years ago, used for few days and keep it. Anyone interested ?
<---- Click the picture to see clearly
方在大床上,睡觉时会感到冻。在很多年前买的,用过数天,之后没有用, 任何人有兴趣? 有兴趣, 点击这里  Click here if you are interested about it. 

MCC179 Name: Tan
Details: What is the penalty (fine + TVDL demerit points) to display a destination sign eg. \"Yishun\" for purpose of picking those paxs who are travelling within Yishun when the you\'re not changing shift?  Click here if you want to tell Mr. Tan anything about it.
List of 7 locations to be monitored by CCTV cameras 
Operational from 6 October 2016 
S/N Location 
1 Benoi Road (both directions, near Fairprice Hub) 
2 Joo Koon Circle (Joo Koon MRT, near Fairprice Hub) 
3 Lim Teck Kim Road (opposite Genting Centre) 
4 Sengkang East Way (near Compass One) and Sengkang Square (near Kopitiam Square & Sengkang MRT/LRT) 
5 Woodlands Avenue 3 (Marsiling MRT, both directions) 
6 Woodlands Centre Road (before Woodlands Train Checkpoint) 
7 Yishun Central Service Road (both sides) 
MCC178 Name: Lim Bin Seng
Details: HP: 85098196    Toyota Prius Hybrid 1.5 to take over. Daily Rental $105.90. Petrol efficient taxi $7 for 100km.
Take over $3500. Can get back $10,000. Incentive bonus $5,000 payout in Apr 2019 and $5,000 deposit refund in Apr 2021.
Kindly call for any further queries and discussion.
MCC177 Name: s s ng
Details: 9421 3838   Daily Rental $87.90. Prime Toyota Axio 1.5A. Takeover fee S$1500, inclusive of admin and transfer fee by the company. New owner will take back S$2000 on Decmember 2016.
解梦  Dream explain

Dear Cabbies
To improve the demand and supply matching rate, the following are the high booking demand zones during the morning & afternoon peak hours.
Nearby drivers can try!  为了提高各个区域的供求配对率,我们为您列出以下几个在早晚繁忙时段电召高需求的地区。如果您在附近,请前往支持!

8am to 10am

4pm to 6pm


Bouna Vista


East Coast Park/Upper Changi

Bukit Panjang


Changi Point

Hong Lim

Choa Chu Kang

Jurong East/Pandan Garden


Marina (South)

Jalan Kayu

Mount Faber/Sentosa

Serangoon North

Pasir Panjang

Telok Kurau/Joo Chiat

Telok Ayer



Enforcement locations for the new speed laser camera   Warning: Better slow down at these hot spots
MCC176 Name: s s ng
Details: 9421 3838
Daily Rental $87.90. Prime Toyota Axio 1.5A. Takeover fee S$1500, inclusive of admin and transfer fee by the company. New owner will take back S$2000 on Decmember 2016.
MCC175 Name: Wong
Details: Looking for someone to take over Toyota Prius 1.8 Hybrid (Prime Taxi.)
Daily Rental $115.80  Takeover fee S$3800, inclusive of admin and transfer fee by the company. New owner will take back S$5000 (August 2019)  Contact No. : 8686 0224
MCC174 Name: Chan
Details: Looking for someone to take over Toyota Prius 1.8 Hybrid (Prime Taxi.)
Daily Rental $115.80  Takeover fee S$4000, inclusive of admin and transfer fee by the company. New owner will take back S$5000 June 2020)  Contact No. : 8189 1467
Millions of dollars lying unclaimed - Funded held by govt ministries and courts for beneficiaries, creditors of the deceased. Click here to see
Life Insurance Association sets up website for public to check if any money is due to them.  Click here to go to the site to check 

unclaimed insurance payout crashes 

MCC173 Name: Patrick
Details: Looking for someone to take over Toyota Prius 1.8 Hybrid (Prime Taxi.)
Daily Rental $111.80
Takeover fee S$2500, inclusive of admin and transfer fee by the company. New owner will take back
-S$3500 (01 July 2016.) Or  -S$5000 (01 July 2018.)
Contact No. : 91136985
MCC172 Name: Patrick
Details: Looking for someone to take over Prime Toyota Prius 1.8 Hybrid Taxi.
Daily Rental S$111.80
Takeover fee S$3500, inclusive of admin and transfer fee by the company
New owner will take back   -S$3500 (01 July 2016) or  -S$5000 (01 July 2018.)
Contact No. : 91136985
MCC170 Name: Joshua
Details: Looking to take up a taxi from Prime. Is it good to drive with Prime?
MCC169 Name: dave
Details: Hi just want to know is the new Toyota axio 1.5 hybrid taxi worth signing up
MCC168 Name: Tan
Details : Looking for someone to take over Prime Toyota Fielder 1.5 auto Taxi.
Daily Rental S$79.20   Balance of 08 months, contract ending June 2016  Takeover fee S$6500, inclusive of admin and transfer fee by the company
New owner will take back S$8000 upon completion of contract.  ( 08 months later )
Contact No. : 82273033
MCC167 Name: Benson Chua
Details: I hv a used radio for sales, comes with cd player  and usb... selling cheap. Contact benson at 85876671

On 19/8/2015 morning, A male passenger said he went to go to the car-park after SPH (at Braddell Road). I went in by 

 The_carpark_after_SPH_I_went_in.png (2503047 bytes)No_signboard_showing_the_charges.png (2593604 bytes)Please click the picture to see it

 And I exit by.

 I_exit_the_car_park_here.png (2527723 bytes)here_I_exit.png (2578826 bytes)In and out not excess 8 minutes, but 60cents was deducted from my cash card.

Questions I like to ask are : 1) Any grace period for this car-park ?

2) Have grace period for this car park,  but have to exit at the same location of coming in.

Any driver know the answer for this ? 对此 要说 什么? 点击这里  Click here if you have anything to say about this. 
MCC164 23_6_15a.png (2770279 bytes) Goldhill Plaza Carpark - No Grace Period 
Question I like to ask is why no clear sign showing Taxis were exempted (=have Grace Perod), only when my TAXI exit the gate then showing within grace period, no charge ? 
(Regarding this, I have the argument with the passenger before go in this carpark. All of this can be avoided if clear sign was shown.)

Goldhill Plaza Carpark - 车辆进入没有宽限期, 
问题我想问一下是为什么没有明确的招牌显示TAXI被豁免?只有当我的TAXI退出时,然后显示在宽限期内不收费 ? 
(对此,在进入这个停车场前, 我和乘客有争论)(如果有明确的招牌显示,所有这一切都能够避免)。

对此 要说 什么? 点击这里  Click here if you have anything to say about this. 

MCC163 I have received the below e-mail, but I do not know if it is true ?我收到了以下的电子邮件,但我不知道这是否是真的?

name: To all drivers
Details: Beware of a decent bespectacle lady around early 20s. She will take taxi from punggol and will give all excuses to let you wait. In the end she will never turn up. Same young lady will stop taxi from yishun blk 264 st 22, and also around balestier road. She has run away fare for many times.

15_4_2015_40_CCTVs.gif (140802 bytes)

Someone asking 958 regarding the left side picture and the reply is……   Please Click here to listen  人问958 有 关于 左侧画面, 和回复是...... 请 点击此处收听

对此 要说 什么? 点击这里  Click here 

if you have anything to say about this. 

MCC161 MCC161.png (2403920 bytes) click the picture to see... 对此 要说 什么? 点击这里  Click here  if you have anything to say about this. 
MCC160 IMDEX ASIA 2015 from 19 to 21 May 2015
The IMDEX Asia 2015 will be held from 19 May (Tue) to 21 May (Thu) at Changi Exhibition Centre, 9 Aviation Park Road, Singapore 498760.
ComfortDelGro taxi can collect a $10 location surcharge for passenger board our taxi at Changi Exhibition Centre taxi stand during 

these 3 days.

MCC159 The below information is come from Comfort Driver Portal

" IMPORTANT NOTICE  :  Feedback on Stopping of Taxis at Bus Stop Outside Melville Park
LTA has received several feedback from residents around Simei estates that taxi drivers are picking up commuters at the bus stop 

outside Melville Park along Simei Road. This occurrence usually happens in the morning around 8.30am and causes traffic to tail back all the way to the slip road exiting PIE Exit 3A. This not only causes safety issues and inconvenience for vehicles exiting PIE Exit 3A but also creates inconvenience for buses plying along this road.LTA would like to remind all taxi drivers that no taxis are allowed to stop within 9 metres of a bus stop.LTA enforcement officers will be deployed around the vicinity of Melville Park to carry out enforcement actions. "

Luckily, I see this and I will not do that, otherwise I will get a fine from LTA. 

对此 要说 什么? 点击这里  Click here  if you have anything to say about this. 
MCC158 RWS.png (660417 bytes)<---click the picture Free Admission to Universal Studios For Singapore Taxi Drivers. To know more 

Click here or click the left side picture.

MCC157 name: Lee
Details: I want to inform all drivers, there is a Korean lady age 23 plus staying around Tanjong Katong near Ipoh road. She works in the KTV in Tras Street. She hail my taxi and board my taxi and say she want to go to Tanjong Pagar MRT but half way she will tell you go to Marina Residence to pick her friend up. After picking up she say go to Tanjong Pagar Mrt station. When you reached she will say go to Tras street. If you reject she will take a hp camera and say will complain to LTA or comfort.She will delay and make a big hooha so to scared you. I insisted for the payment and rejected another trip. I told her I will call the police she then throw the money at the front seat and leave. Gentlemen be aware.
MCC156 Respite Care
MCC155 15_4_2015_40_CCTVs.gif (140802 bytes) 15_4_2015a.png (93886 bytes) I got one fine because I let passengers alighting there. Did you get the find also ?
在那里让乘客下车, 我得到了一个罚款. 你是否也得到罚款 ? 
对此 要说 什么? 点击这里  Click here 

if you have anything to say about this. 

MCC154 Mr Tan was not happy with Grab Taxi regarding the incentives......... He contact e-mail is  you can e-mail him 

to know more.  Or you can sent me your contact number and I will pass it to him 

and let him talk to you.  对此 要说 什么? 点击这里  Click here if you have anything to say about this. 

MCC153 IMG-20141118-WA0001_zpsa2aa716c[1].jpg (228542 bytes) Do Not Speeding
MCC152 Greenwich.png (2433447 bytes) Attn : All cabbies, Now on the road have many places installed with CCTV. So please remember - DO NOT STOP. The CCTV are very powerful. Even stop for few second, you will get summon of $120 and 3 Demerit points. Don't play play.  
MCC151 23_3_15_morning.png (2523398 bytes)

click here to see the video 

Another accident (happened on 23/3/2015 morning at Boon Lay Way).
Who are at fault ? What is your opinions ?
My opinion : 1) The car driver should on the hazard light to warn others he is stopping for dropping passenger. 2) The motorcycle rider should not speeding when he saw the traffic jam. 
谁的错?对此你有何看法? 我的观点:1)汽车司机应开危险警告灯光让别人知道他要停止让乘客下车。 2)摩托车骑手,当他看到堵车时,不得超速行驶,。
MCC150 Photo0319.jpg (1430799 bytes)Photo0320.jpg (1108417 bytes)

When you are going for eating and proceeding to parking at 22,25,27 Bendemeer Road, Be careful when you are doing reversing parking, See the tree (refer to picture) behind your taxi. 当你准备吃,并着手停车在明地迷亚路22,25,27,一定要小心,当你在做倒车泊车时,小心要见树(参见图片)在你的Taxi后面

  A video exposing a cab passenger's rude behaviour and allegedly uploaded by the taxi driver's daughter has made waves online. - To see more --- CLICK HERE NOW
MCC149 name: Patrick
Details: Looking for someone to takeover Prime Toyota Prius 1.8 Hybrid Taxi, Age 1.5yr old, Rental $111.80, Takeover fee $3800, Takeback $5k on 30th Jun 2018
pls contact 91136985 asap.

Air-Con talk

Recently, My system 3 are having problem, I use the remote control to power on the room A’s air-con, but it got not respond, I use the remote control to power on to the room B’s air-con, It also got not respond (can not switch on the air-con for these 2 rooms).  (But Not problem for room C). I call the A… company to have it repair, they change the wire for these 2 room and costing me for S$406.60). After 3 weeks, one day when I powered on the room A' air-con, few minute later, room C’s air-con automatically power on. I called the N….company to ask them what is the problem? Based on their past experience, they should be able to give me  roughly the cost of repair and which part of air-con is spoiled. But they said they have to send technician to my home to check. My air-con systems have already provided me for more than 5 years of service. So I do not want to spend more money on it. Finally, I come out my own solutions. When I am not using the air-con, I power off the main switch. The next day, This problem disappear. This solution is written here for sharing. Other website you can see the about talk of air-con is 

to see my past experience on air-con, click here 

对此 要说 什么? 点击这里  Click here if you have anything to say about this. 
Hokkien Songs
Any cabby encounter this : the passengers asking you to enter this narrow road (in Balmoral Crescent) and later you find inside having a sharp bend which is testing your driving skill. 
你遇到这样吗 ?:乘客要求您进入入这条狭窄的道路 (在 Balmoral Crescent),后来你发现里面有一个急弯,这是测试你的驾驶技能
2_1_2015a.png (2795303 bytes)2_1_2015b.png (2093505 bytes)2_1_2015c.png (2120783 bytes)
对此 要说 什么? 点击这里  Click here if you have anything to say about this. 
30_12_2014a.jpg (223884 bytes)30_12_2014b.jpg (234551 bytes)30_12_2014c.jpg (242992 bytes)30_12_2014d.jpg (273986 bytes)30_12_2014e.jpg (91511 bytes)30_12_2014f.jpg (76205 bytes)
对此 要说 什么? 点击这里  Click here if you have anything to say about this. 
If you taxi meter is having problem, and you want to know what is Soon Heng Telephone number before going there, click here. And If you want to know where you can collect airport surcharge, click here. 
MCC148 name: Patrick Suen
Details: Helping my friend:Looking for someone to takeover Prime Toyota Prius 1.5 Hybrid Taxi,
Takeover fee $2500 Age 3yr old Contract left 2yrs Takeback $5k Rental $98
pls contact 91136985 asap.
MCC147 MCC147.png (1755343 bytes)Any comments after seeing the picture, please e-mail to
Spend S$25 only to have your old computer's battery replaced at Sim Lim Square 5th floor when you see this message "CMOS checksum error - Defaults loaded." appear on your old computer. 
Do not stop at the locations of CCTV, click here to see  
  Do_Not_Stop.jpg (116950 bytes)


Attn : All cabbies, Now on the road have many places installed with CCTV. So please remember - DO NOT STOP. The CCTV are very powerful. Even stop for few second, you will get summon of $120 and 3 Demerit points. Don't play play.  

 <-   To see the locations  of CCTV

MCC146  Take care of your body 照顾你的身体 >
No_signal_on_18_9_2014.gif (765345 bytes)Sometime, If you are unlucky, you can get summon on the road. But not the picture of this car. 
MCC145 name: chua
Details: Used radio for sale, comes with usb and cd player.  Call sms ben 85876671
MCC144 name: Eric Chung
address: Marsiling
contact: 91081170
Company: Prime Taxi
Details: Looking for someone to takeover Prime Taxi 7 seater (light metallic blue)
Contract left 9 months (ends 21 June 2015)   Original deposit 2k.  Looking at 1.8k to takeover. Can nego
Thank you.  Please SMS if I do not pick up your call. Cos I normally dun answer phone when I'm driving.
MCC143 name: Mr. Cheng
Details: Prime Toyota Prius 1.8 for takeover.  No need to pay me a single cent.   Pls call me @ 97764399 to discuss.

This is a cabbies' survey. 1) Are you able to read the Chinese character of the incoming e-mail from the Comfort/City-taxi company using your computer ? 2) Do you know how to solve the problem if your computer having problem of showing you these funny characters ?

  这是一个 Taxi司机的调查。 1你能阅读你收到发送从康福/城市中文电子邮件 ?

2)你知道如何解决这个问题?Survey_1.GIF (67993 bytes)   Click here for the survey 调查-点击这里

 Click here to see the response to this survey   针对这一调查,想看答复或解决方案,点击此处

MCC142 97681xx8
name: Alvin Wee
Details: Hello members please be careful about this lady booking at Bedok Central blk202b. Lee Cxxx Yxx 9758xx53, she will book for 2-3taxi co caps then she only take 1 cap and go.
MCC140 name: Andy
Details: Prime Toyota Prius 1.8 Hybrid for Takeover
Takeover fee $3500   Age 1yr old    Contract left 4yrs    Takeback $5k    Rental $110    It is the cheapest Prius rental in the market    Comes with solar film & 3M carmat    Call 85116755 !!!!!!!!
MCC139 name: Ron
Details: Hi there,I am looking forward to take over Prime Taxi preferably Toyota Prius/ Premio.  
Feel free to SMS/ call me at 97492058 for further discussion.  Thanks and happy driving!
Ron 97492058
MCC138 Attn : all cabbies,  When the leavings Singapore passengers broading your taxi and tell you the airline but do not know which terminal to go. Please click here to find it.  
MCC137 name: Angry Bird
Details: Hello member, I like to share something here.since many years ago our taxi booking passenger needs to pay booking fees, but recently one company try to spoil the market rules. I hope that all the taxi driver stop doing this to spoil the market. We pay our rental ourselves and is not cheap nowadays. You see, in future if they control the market how, they are the third party company, they don't pay COE to buy taxi but wants us to work for them. Their incentive are include our booking fees, so actually is not heigh. How long can you work 15hrs a day, 7 days a week to hit their target. Life and family are more inportant. Think about it member. Take care.
MCC136 9796923x
name: Alvin Wee
Details: Today I was very angry when I met this ang mo at one raffles link Rd. He got a very big office chair, I try to help him to fit into my taxi boot, but it wouldn't fit in and he was very angry and ask me to get lost. He was very rude to me, because I think a taxi driver servings you is not your slave or servant, you don't have to be so rude. Respect needs to be earn.
MCC135   On 18/4/2014, Around 1pm, I picked up 2 male passengers from Changi Airport T2, They wanted to go Woodland Checkpoint. I told them I only can drop them at Woodland Centre Taxi stand and they said OK. When reaching woodland Causeway Bridge, there was a heavy traffic jam. You can see my taxi was at the second left lane counted from the left side. I did not know the lane was for the cars queuing to enter Malaysia, so I did not overtake it and queuing lawfully. After waiting for more than 30 minutes, cars in  front of me did not move much, I decided to overtake it. After overtaking, only then I can see the right lane for the right turn to woodland centre road was empty. How long did I have to wait if I did not take the move. And Also Luckily, the passengers understand my situation. You know what is the taxi fare? Is was S$49.56 and It take about one hour to reach the destination, and the passengers paid for it without angrily for which I like to them the passengers for they undertstanding. Another suggestion to LTA, Please do something on the signboard. 

<----- click the picture to see it clearly. 

MCC134 contact: 90303154
Details: Hi, I'm a film producer looking for a taxi to rent for couple of hours of a day in early May. For filming purposes. Will you be interested ? Fees will be paid to compensate for the time. 
MCC133 name: Thomas
Details: Hi cabby  Have found one 24 Hrs makan place located at Killiney Road. Shop house name is Nana Teh Tarik sell lot of indian and Thai muslim food. Those who want to take a break at night time may visit this join very near orchard area.
MCC132 name: Mr LIew
address: any
contact: 91770788
Company: prime
Details: Take over prime estima 7 pax limo cab.   Daily rental 99.90   contact end 10/02/2015
take over deposit 1500. Refundable
MCC131 MCC_131.jpg (58080 bytes) On Every Sunday if you go to IKEA Alexandra Taxi stand during operating hours for three times (can cumulate)  The staff there will give you the Fuels voucher of S$10  

<----- click the picture to see it clearly. 

MCC130 name: Mr Teo
Details: Dear fellow taxi drivers,
i will be quitting as a hirer and joining a private limousine company. There are currently looking for drivers to join them. You get to rent their cars at only $43 per day and they guarantee that at least 10 jobs per day will be given. U can earn at least $13 to $40 per job depending on the time and distance travelled during this period.   If keen, pls SMS/Whatsapp me ONLY at 91083793.    Thank you!
name: Akbar
Details: Drivers becareful when heading to Garden by the bay or Marina cruise center. Many LTA officers are there to get u if u go against the traffic rules. Beware.
MCC128 97969238
name: Alvin Wee
Details: Hello everyone here, anyone using or take jobs from Grabtaxi App. Is their payment good?
name: Alvinwee
Details: Hello everyone here,I very angry today because the Grabtaxi did not pay my incentive on Wednesday. Anyone got the same problem pls share information here. Thank-you.
MCC126 name: Chua
Details: Hi, I have a used car radio set to sell off. comes with cd mp3 and usb port. Looking at $120. Anyone keen can call me. HP: 85876671
MCC125 Name_: william gwee
contact: 93255445
Details: looking 4 used toyota wish 1800 tyre rims urgent. tks
3_1_2014b.JPG (187550 bytes)Click the picture to see the accident. 
MCC124 name: Tamagotchi
Details: Hi to all members. On regards to the booking job for frequent no show/last minute cancellation by passengers.   Is anyone able to come up with a database or even apps that info can share by all cabby. So we can avoid and blacklist them accordingly.
MCC123 name: Ronaldmob
Details: Hi to all members on this community i am thanks to the administrator of this forum for approve my account i am sure here i got better knowledge thanks again. My name is Ronald.
I was told that to enter Sentosa, if the passenger willing to pay for the entrance fee, it will be faster to go in using the auto gate instead of the control gate to pay the fee................... click here to see more
MCC122 Name: Mr Anthony
contact: 85457464
Details: To All Taxi Drivers,  There is a big difference of mileage between your dashboard and taximeter. You will lose hundreds of dollars every month if your taxi company did not attend to this issue seriously.
You can do so by resetting your dashboard meter and press the start button of your taximeter at the same time before you start the journey. This is very true when you go for long distance of more than 15km.
I am referring to km, not dollars. Especially SMRT taxi.   Thank you.
MCC121 name: Mr Chow
Details: Looking for someone to take over my PRIME cab toyota premio. Deposit $1500, admin $200, bonus $3000 on 31/7/2014.  Daily rental $82.80, petrol consumption 14km/l  Sam 90691425
MCC120 name: Simon
Details: Dear all,   I got my TDVL in 2005 but have since not been driving cab since. Presently I lost my job and ate looking into drive as relief, anyone can advise any cab company do not require deposit but daily rated. Kindly contact me at 98878899,
name: Mr Wee
Details: I really don't understand why there is taxi-driver willing to buy ERP seasons ticket, taxi go anywhere is depent on passiner bring us to. If one whole day no body wants to go to orchard rd, so we taxi driver will not be there. The ERP system block the taxi driver going in Orchard rd, LTA should let the taxi go in CBD area free in 5pm to 7pm to help them clear the Taxi-Q, like Sentosa Island taxi going inside is free when is empty.
name: Akbar
Details: Dear Cabbies a week ago I went to airport T1 to queue went I pass by I saw the sign board say there is 5 flight and 50 taxi on quence, but went there I saw there was about 100 taxi and I am stuck for 90 mins in the queue,so bro be careful may be information nowdays are not correct, so don't get caught.
Dear Cabbies
The Westin Singapore will be organising a familiarisation drive on
11 Nov 2013 (Mon).

The first 500 cabbies to drive by The Westin Singapore's hotel driveway 
will be able
to collect a breakfast set.

The details of this familiarisation drive are as follows:
7:30am to 10am   Venue: The Westin Singapore   12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2  Singapore 018961
Dear Cabbies 
Please be informed that Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore will be having 
a familiarisation exercise on 22 Oct (Tue) & 30 Oct (Wed), 9am to 1130 hrs 
on their newly located taxi pick-up points at 61 Marina Coastal Drive, S018947. 
Refreshments will be provided for every visiting cabby (while stocks 
last). Also , the first 100 cabbies to sign up on the spot will be entitled to a $10 NTUC voucher, while stocks last and not applicable for repeat visits. Thank you. 

Note : Location Surcharge at MBCCS - Applicable for each taxi trip starting from MBCCS on Mondays to Sundays (including Public Holidays)    0700hrs-1059hrs S$5.00     All other times S$3.00

Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore Cruise Schedule

name: Tan
Details: Transcab Toyota wish 2.0 gd condition for take over. Pls SMS me your offer. Ty
MCC115 name: Ah San
Details: Transcab 2.0 Wish for takeover. Very gd condition. Pls sms your offer to 93858099
MCC114 name: shamsul
Details: Hi bros, there is a new local app MOOBITAXI which can help to improve your income. Can be downloaded from Android Play Store and Apple AppStore. Good luck bros.
MCC113 name: Toh
Details: Looking for Prime Taxi to takeover !!! High CASH !!! Cal 85116755 !!!
MCC111 name: Shamsul
Details: Recently CAG has put a Cisco Officer at Changi Airport T2 taxi queue. He is sitting near the 3rd Zebra Crossing. So if taxis in the queue are left unattended this officer will find fault. For day TDs just be careful when you go for your toilet or lunch brake.
On Thursday (29/8/2013)morning about 7am, I got a passenger booking to Bishun Blk 166 at St 13........在星期四(29/8/2013)上午约七时,我得到了乘客预订到达166座在Bishun13街.......................
MCC109 name: Shamsul
Details: Hi cabbies. Please refrain from making illegeal u-turn at Telok Blangah Rd at the junction of Sentosa Gateway and Harbourfront Ave. There is a camera each at this junction. Every Friday to Sunday Tp will be there at 5 p.m. to 8p.m. for ambush. FYI.
MCC108 Details:  dear cabby i will take over prime cab if you still under contract want to give up. pl call 90964922
MCC107 name: Shamsul
Details: Hi there. There is a 3rd Holiday Inn Express Hotel behind Grand ParkRoyal. Fyi.
W Resort is located in Sentosa which is linked to Singapore, Click here to see it. 
MCC106 name: Mohamed Sharif
MCC105 name: Set
address: Choa Chu Kang
contact: 96969809
Company: Comfort
Details: I have a set of Motorola walkie talkie i415 looking like new. Suitable for taxi group use. Come with original charger and a new earpiece. All going for just $80. Interested party bro pls contact me at 96969809.
MCC104 name: Mr Wong y k
Details: I am a taxi driver from transcab.On 7/7/13 sunday morning i am at about 1:30 I was traveling toward telok blangah height back home .at the bus stop no 14331.In front of stream garden. I pick up a here to more

Hi Patrick   I would like to bring to your attention that there is cheater listed under the relief driver Rxxx66 - Vincent …… HP 9xxxxx199. He owes me a rental amount of $2000/- and does not pay it up............ click here to see more. 

MCC102 name: MOHAMED THxxIM S/O THxxA 
address: JURONG
Details: this driver MOHAMED .... is cheating money his hp no.8255xx28 evryone pls becareful of him he alway own rental n dont pay $$ after that he will change taxi to drive n he use to drive COMFORT SHC80xxL n more
hi,I have just ordered a new renault lititude from trans cab but will only recieve the car in July, am looking for a (3am to 3pm) relief driver who stay rivervale drive (seng kang) or anywhere near. The car rental will be $68 a day.
MCC99 Super_Relief_Drivers.jpg (487953 bytes)

This Super Relief Drivers list was given by someone who put this on my taxi’s wiper. To see it clearly, click here or the picture if you want to find the Super Relief Drivers to help you.

MCC98 name: Miss Lim
Details: Is there a daily rental taxis company without paying deposit ?
Any of the taxis driver can advise me at 96701057   thank you
MCC97 name: Goh
Details: Dear Brother and Sisters ,
FYI , I have picked up this young pretty well dressed poly girl twice from pasir ris .... Click here to the details
MCC96 As a one-off recognition initiative to thank National Servicemen for their dedicated service to the nation, SAFRA vouchers and/or FREE 1-year SAFRA membership will be given. Register* now to get your benefits. 

To register, Please click --->  

MCC94 cabby.GIF (240644 bytes) Interested to see something regarding the subject of cabby, then visit ---> and put the word of cabby at the Find box 

<----- click the picture to see it clearly. 

MCC93 name: Zaharudin
Details: Dear Taxi drivers,
I picked up an Indian guy from Tanjung Rhu, he told me that he's going to Raffles Quay, so just to confirm again, I asked again, "Raffles Quay". He just nodded his head. So I brought him to Raffles Quay, he kept quiet all the way. It was a peak period so the traffic on fullerton junction always congested & heavy. So I just follow thru, then upon reaching Raffles Quay, he said he's going to Raffles Place. So I told him that I did asked him & he nodded his head, he said no. So I asked, why did he did not tell me when I was turning during the heavy traffic where I have time to turn. He said, he not aware, he was thinking something. So he want me to send to Raffles Place. When I arrived, the fare was $16,80 +(ERP) & he said usually only $12 or $13 dollars plus ERP. So there was an argument & he gave me $15. Pls take note, he had done that to a friend of mine too.
name: Eric Chia
Details: Hello Fellow Cabbies...I like to warn you. Recently I went to SPC Car Wash at Balestier Road. They do a very bad job of cleaning my car after foaming/ washing. For $4, I can get better wash at Caltex Station along Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 towards Serangoon Ave 4 (after exiting from CTE). If anyone can find better cab wash & cleaning, please let me know. Thank you, Eric.
name: Mr. Teng
Details: Hi cabbies: I am staying in the eastern part of singapore ,if anyone of the taxi drivers know where can I rent daily rated taxi and also their condition term.Pls sms me at 91059063.Your help is appreciated. Thank You
name: Ms Lina
Details: Hi... I'm a relief taxi driver driving only on Sundays. I would like to drive maybe 2 nite shift on weekdays. Any nite lady drivers here? Is it safe? Hope someone can share their opinions/experience, thank you.
MCC89 name: Tang
Details: Hi all. Pls be aware that loan sharks are using this website as a platform to find customers.After you had your details example hp number indicated in the Hirer/Relief matching service,they will sms & call you offering loan services.Some will even harass you if you tell them off.Pls beware.
MCC88 name: Ravi
Details: Hi SMRT Bro's,
This taxi no: SHD6257X was parked along Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4 and I had witnessed one private car, lady driven had knocked this taxi while reversing.
Just in case if this driver needs help please pass the message to contact me @ 82887003. I have also informed SMRT call centre and they told me I would be receiving call in 5 working days.
Please note I have a video footage    Thanks and regards,    Ravi
MCC87 name: Taxi Driver
Details: Hi all Taxi Driver,
Recently I went to Jurong East SPC Petrol station for a car wash, after the wash, the cleaner was not happy when I ask them to clean the internal door side. She raise the voice and told me $4 you want so must thing to do, in the mean time the other car wash labour (3 guy) come and threaten me and ask me to go away.
This type of service is not aceeptable and I advise all driver to avoid this place. The near car wash is around Jurong West Ave 1 and Bukit Batok East Ave 3, Caltex there the service is very good.  Thank NTUC Driver
MCC86 name: Mason
Details: Taxi comrade pls avoid this Malaysian young male around 25+ carrying with A4 size black sling bag. He will be waiting @RWS alight pick. He will jump into your taxi to AMK Ave 10 always around 11.30pm before midnite. On the way reaching AMK, he will pretend that his lost his wallet and he can also tell you he already prepare $20/- for the fare. His name is Ah Chui.
name: taxi driver
Details: dear drivers,  Want to ask where can I find video camera to record our journey in case there is an accident it can be use for proof. I ever bought 1 but the camera interfere with my mdt and I cannot get a call at all. Just need a video camera that did not interfere with the mdt and a simple one.
MCC84 Looking for someone to take over toyota premio taxi with prime taxi!
name: Mr Goh
contact: 98557547
company: Prime taxi pte ltd
Details: Deposit $1,500.00 neg. Rental at $84.80 daily - fuel comsumption very efficency at 16km per liter. To all new taxi driver who got problems paying deposit may be discuss. Giving up due to health problems.
MCC83 name: Mr Tan
Details: Any member know where i can drive a taxi temp. Without paying any deposit. I only pay for rental when i drive. Pls sms me at 83561311. Thank for the information.
name: Mr. Teng
Details: I am staying in the eastern part of singapore ,if anyone of the taxi drivers know where can I rent daily rated taxi and also their condition term.Your help is appreciated. Thank You
MCC81 A lady cabby’s message to other cabbies, click here to listen.
MCC80 Name: xxxx
contact: xxxx
Details: Hi Patrick, can you help me contact James Lim who writes the blog "Diary of a Singaporean Cabby" (  /)? Thank you very much.
Patrick : Sorry, I do not know him so I can not help you. But I like to thank you for let me know there is another blog regarding the cabby subject. 
MCC79 Image0146.jpg (156977 bytes)If you have a accident.... click here now 如果你有一个意外,...........点击这里
MCC78 name: Edmund Lim
Details: Please take note you happen to pick up 2 malay ladies from hougang along ave 8,blk 535.They will want to send them to hougang central blk 830A multi storey car park.
During that time its raining when my uncle sending them. But they my uncle to drive all the way to 3 storey. But my uncle stopped at 2nd storey telling them they were empty handed why they cannot walk up. So they were working ascar park warden and their office is at 3rd storey.
After my uncle explained that cab dun drive u up if you 10th floor or unless other u have loads or handicap person.
The meter fare was $5.16. Our gave $6 for the rounding up.But did not mention that this entering in this car park had no grace period, my uncle only realised that he was charged 7cts upon exiting.
Dont the car wanden told my uncle on this, I mean no grace period in that car park?
All drivers please aware on this car park where dun have grace period.
MCC77 name: Mr Alvin
Details: Hello to all the friends here, please be careful this Malay lady, short hair, shoulder leng above. She take taxi from jurong east, JCude taxi stand. She will tell u going to NUH, but when u reach there she will tell u, you go to wrong place she wants to go SGH. On the way she never get angry, she will said never mind. But when u reach SGH , the taxi fare was $16.90, but she said she will only pay $10. So at last I understand y on the way she never get angry, because normally if u go to the wrong place, the person behind should be angry,but she did not. She wants to confuses u about these two place,then when u reach her working place, she will just want to pay less.
MCC76 name: Edmund
Details: All cab drivers please take note that there was an elderly lady about 60plus. She worn mask and tske cab from bishan area to amk street 31 in the morning.  When she the desination she will pretend that she cannot find her $50 note .  Followed alighted the cab from there.
MCC75 name: Aman
Details: Dear Friends,
Beware of this person a white guy who will be drunk and take cab from Maplewoods to Golden Shoe car at market street , then when reaching will ask the cabby to go straight at North Canal Road near Macdonell to alight and insist to pay by credit but his card will be rejected and he will scold you and try to leave without paying.But get hold of him and call the police to attend, then he will finally pay cash and go off
MCC74 name: Mr Chan
Details: to all my taxi comrades, i m new in driving taxi and my relief is also new. my relief is doing the night shift. recently he went to airport..... click here to see the details.
MCC73 name: Mr Lim
Details: Hi everyone
Just to inform that one the evening I picked up a ang mo,..... Click here to see the details
MCC72 name: King
Details: Car Air-conditioning ( use with caution ).... Click here to see the details 
MCC71 name: Patrick
Details: Your Attention ---------> I have made some changing on And if you are using MOZILLA FIREFOX. When you are at the website of Please press F5, then you can see the changing. Please try. Thank you.
MCC70 Name: Mr. Chua
Details: Hi all,  Looking for Prime Taxi transferee 
Please call me at 81865755 anytime
Prime taxi,   Toyota Primo 1,5 ltr    Rental 82.30 daily   Petrol. Average 13 km/ltr 
Shell 16% discount with escape points additional    Contract left 22 months    Deposit only$ 1500
Car age only 3 years old.
MCC69 A bird will wake me up at 6.30am everyday which acts as an alarm clock to remind me to get up for work. What bird is this ? Do you know ? To hear the bird song, Please press here. 每天早上六时三十分,一只鸟会叫我起床,作为一个闹钟提醒我要起床去上班。这是什么鸟?你知道吗?要听到鸟鸣,请按这里。

Want to see the reply of this. Click here

MCC68 name: Mr Wee
Details: Dear cabbies and Mr Wee...Ya I am also Mr Wee...I been driving for T company for 2 years. Rental pay swee swee never otang. Accident excess pay swee swee even until last day after I tender also swee swee pay although others warn me to owe in case they makan my deposit. TRUE enough my incentives for the last month an deposit total $2165 is being held up because of 2 outstanding 50/50 accident case which I already pay the half access and when I tender I ask J she still have the cheek to tell me NO MORE outstanding excess.
Now I drive with C company. No incentive nevermind. Cheap diesel and strong booking make my driving less stressful and less hours required. Evening peak no need scare throw to ulu place. There still be call to keep my meter running. Drive T company? Prepare to empty back to town. Waste CNG and time. I can keep 2 hours earlier due to less meter idling, less time to top up CNG, less empty trip to down and then booking charge make up to it....
MCC66 name: Mr Wee
Details: Hi cabbies: here I have something to share with everyone here. I was driving C company taxi for 6 yrs, I pay rental every day and sometimes I drive 6 days but I still need to pay rental on rest days. I quit 6 mths ago, I go to Transcap Co, I'm driving Toyota Wish now. The incentive they give me, make me very happy. Now I off 6 days a mth, I don't have to worry about rental on my off days because the incentive is enough to cover. Now I work happily everyday.
MCC65 name: Tan
address: Hougang
contact: 93890483
company: Transcab
Asking : what is the market rental for Sat- 12 hrs day shift for Toyota Wish CNG?
MCC64 name: CityCab Driver
Details: To all cabbies driving up North. Watch out for a young guy age between 25-35. Speaks Mandarin. Timing between 5am-7am. He will flag for your cab one bus-stop(along Yishun Ave 2) before Yishun MRT station. He will ask you for help claiming he needs $2 for a MRT ride. He stopped me twice at exactly the same location within a span of 1 week using the same begging dialogue. The last time being this morning(17th Apr). This guy is a "SERIAL BEGGAR". He only stopped "For Hire" taxis knowing that we are the guys who will stop and listen to his crap. I guess he must have make a small fortune at that location for him to repeat his shameless act. He looks decent and speaks fluent Mandarin. Shame on him for having an abled body but behaving like a good-for-nothing man. My fellow cabbies, do not get taken in by this man.  Yours Truly
name: Chua
Details: Pleasw Advice, as a news Taxi driver "what" are the important and danger on the road.Can i survive? being a full time taxi driver from 5am-11am Rest 1hrs start at 12:30 till 10pm. Which company is reliable and protect taxi driver stand.
MCC62 Dear Cabbies 

Please be informed that the Singapore Expo has re-opened the taxi stand at Foyer 1/Hall 1 and it is now called the "Max Atria" Taxi Stand. You can pick up passengers from this taxi stand. 

 For your information, the Singapore Expo will be hosting a big event ¡°Tourism Industry Conference 2012¡± on 23 Mar (Friday) from 9am to 2pm. More than 1,000 participants from the travel and tourism industry will be attending this event and hence, high taxi demand is expected at this event.

MCC61 name: Patrick
Details: Making extra income in the cab legally.  For detail pls call me at 91994768

Name : Onecabby

Thank you to those man at the temple at Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 for helping me to chase the Indian male passenger who run away without paying taxi fare.

On 23/2/2012 00:23am, 2 Indians (one male & one female about 25 years old) boarded my taxi at the bus stop at Riverside Rd. The Indian man told me to go to Jalan Gembira to let the lady dropped first, then finally to Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 for him to get down. 

Once reaching the destination near the temple at Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, The Indian male passenger suddenly opened my taxi backseat door without paying me the taxi fare and run toward Blk 222. I immediately took out my taxi key and run toward him. Few mans in the temple seeing it also chased him. But unfortunate they were unable to catch him. I lost of about S$33. Anyway I like to Thank those man at the temple who help me to chase him. Thank you again for your good actions.      

May be next time, I will lock the door once reaching the destination in order not to let him have the opportunity to act so fast. During the journey I heard his handphone conversation with his friend using Indian language. I just understand he mentioned the road names in English like Upper Aljunied Road, etc   May he was telling his friend the location of taxi.   I should have suspected something wrong earlier and do something. What are the measures that I can do? Do you have any suggestions? Please give your opinion.   

Riverside_Rd.JPG (280132 bytes)Jln_Gembira.JPG (303511 bytes)AMK_Ave1.JPG (269560 bytes)Please click the picture- the locations of broading & alighting

To see the responds to this adv, Please click or   

MCC59 ( on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 11:23:49
name: Shamsul
Details: Please new cabbys on the road , please drive safe . Its not worth to drive recklessly when you see a street pax. You got to pay high unnecessary excess for accident .
name: Ng B S
Details: i would liked to enquire which company offer lowest rate of rental for a Toyota Crown-SMRT,Comfort or Transcab?
MCC57 on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 01:25:45
name: Daniel Leow
Details: i was a SxRT relief driver for 3 months, and things were going just fine, so i decided to take my own cab from the same company and decided on the merc cab. the bookings were ok, and actually i depended on my own regulars, money was good. 9 days after i collected the cab, BANG! accident, not my fault, AT ALL! some young punk rammed into me while i was at a stop waiting for the pedestrians to clear before turning right, MIND YOU, the light was green! this SMART SxRT 'ADJUDICATE' me to be at fault!!! fine, so be it, and they actually TERMINATE my contract! reason given was, the accident i was involved in, cost too much in repair!!! it was just one rear dor, and the quotation came back $18,500.00 and their surveyor actually gave the go-ahead!!!! if this is not stupid, tell me about it! i actually went to the company, to BEG FOR THEM to not terminate my hire agreement, literally, I BEGGED! know how belowing, and degrading that was, i just want peace, i'll pay maters rest, i continue driving and everybody's happy, letters exchanged, i can show anyone interested, tell me i'm not sincere, and show me a better draft, i can swallow my pride, it's ok. but nah, this SxRT taxi company id the most ridiculous (in the contents of their letters), unreasonable and INHUMANE TO THE UTMOST EXTREME! DO NOT DRIVE FOR THIS COMPANY, THEY WANT TO EAT US DRIVERS ALIVE, and i would become a rickshaw tendor then to ever step foot into this low-life lousy whatever...a company? stupidity has no limits! it's all led by one top-of-the-range idiot named EUNICE LUI! and they are asking me for money in damages, if i ever pay ONE SINGLE CENT to these suckers, damned me to hell forever!
MCC56 Dear Cabbies 
Please be informed that with effect from 1 Jan 2012, any passenger below 1.35m in height and sitting in the front seat of a vehicle is required by law to use a child restraint or booster seat cushion. Those sitting in the 
back seats will not require these restraints. 
For taxis, please politely advise your passengers who are below 1.35m in height to sit in the back seats of our taxis since we do not have child restraint or booster seat cushion in our taxis. 
name: Tan
Details: Why does it take taxi company so long to refund my relief driver deposit.
Do anyone know which taxi company is a bad pay master? I have 2 deposit with two different taxi company, both say will take 4 weeks to process but through other cabby experience some said it will take them 3 month if I am lucky.
name: Michael
Details: I want to apply for a Mercedes Taxi. But I was told that this type of taxi need special contact or customers or else very hard to break even. Can anyone advise me where can I can these type of customers?
MCC53 Dear Cabbies 

Recently, the Police has received reports of Cabbies whose handphones were stolen by a female passenger. You may click here to the police's message.

MCC52  Huang long
contact: 81002008
Details: Prime taxi to be transfer ,now payment S$3500.00
less two years contract can claim back S$10,000.00
MCC51 name: Ms noraisha
Details: Hi there, anybody interested to take over Prime taxi Honda Freed. Call me if interested at 83235027.
MCC50 name: Mr. James Lim
Details: I would like to share with you my taxi driving adventures at
And I would always love to hear your comment and advice for whatever it may be.  Regards,  James Lim
MCC49 name: Hirer
Details: Dear all Hirers at Choa Chu kang Ave 4/3 beware of Indian Bold Headed new inexperienced who is iresponsible and damage your car and never clean it or top up fuel accordingly
I dont want you guys to be abused
MCC48 Caught on video: Passenger running off without paying cab fare of $24.30   To see, click here 
MCC47 name: Mr Lim
Details: Beware at the Night Safari, I encountered this guy, a 30 + man, long hair. He will waited at the alighting point after 8pm. Once your customers alighted your cab, he will go in straight into your cab. He will ask to go 3 places around CCK area.
If you do not want to take him, he will "threaten" you that he already on board and tell he will take down your no. to complain.
Please do not worry about he complaint as that is not the on boarding point. Get him to go down .
name: Ace
Details: How can i drive taxi as a relief without paying high deposit?
MCC43 name: Zack
Details: I'm interested to know where I can find company which allows me to drive taxi on ad hoc basis.... If you have details please call me at 96306357 thank you...
MCC42 Now Google confirms that is safe to visit. If you are using Mozilla Firefox,  no blocking on this website also.  
name: Mr Murad
Details: Anybody wants to takeover Transcab Toyota crown pls contact me 96308510.i'm residing in Woodlands
MCC40 name: Mr Lim
Details: Pls do not take the current booking job at 9:30 am, at hougang st 61 , at around blk 693. A lady will call booking for a cab to tan tock seng hospital . But will pretend to wait along the street, she will turn off her hp. Hoping you will pick her when to cannot fulfill your booking.

I chance upon your website and thought it is good to gather the cabbies together into a forum.
It's kinda healthy too as there are good info to share around. 
I have been holding the TVL for many years and renewing it.  Recently I would like to find out more about freelance taxi available for rent. 
I heard around Singapore there are some freelance taxis for rent?  May I know more about the hours, izzit flexible and rental how they charge? 
btw, where is the one located in Bukit Batok? 
thanks & regards,

To know more regarding above, click here    

want to see more click here   (go to search, and then key in Beach Road Taxi)

MCC38  <<<-->>> on Thursday, March 3, 2011 at 17:00:53
name: tay cheng choon
Details: hi i am a new driver having pick up a customer outside cbd to funan ctr to fetch his wife at 830pm can any senior advice whether can i collect the extra 3 dollar under such circumstances, thanks
name: Desmond phang chin hwee
Details: I have just passed my TVDL.I am staying in the eastern part of Singapore.I just to know,if anyone of the taxi drivers know where can I rent daily rated taxi and also their condition term.Your help is appreciated. Thank You
MCC36 name: Mr Yeo
address: Sengkang Rivervale drive
contact: 90271548
company: Prime
Details: I am looking for somebody to take over my Prime New Toyata Wish just only used for 2 months. Currently already got saving of $3600 willing to forfeit $2000. Take over fee just only $1600.Please contact me if you are interested
MCC35 name: has
Details: Hirer beware of relief by d name of abd jxxxl of wlands. He drive my taxi for only few days but he create a story looks like my taxi was stolen by a thief. He even broken d taxi. He is d 1 who do it actually! The motive he do not want to pay rental!! But he do it to d wrong person coz i report the matter to d police. From my view he always do this to other hirer but no one reported him to d authority.
MCC34 name: Patrick

Details: Attn : those using Mozila Firefox. If you type you will not be able to visit this website.

To visit the website. Please type   or simply  type

Thank you for your attention.
MCC33 name: Henry Chiong
Details: To all comXXX and ciXXXXX driver.
Please be inform that if you ever encounter and accident which is cause by the mechincal problem. Do not send your taxi to workshop because they will try to cover up and saying nohting wrong and make you pay the liability. And I have just encounter one case due to the brake failure and the workshop STA claim that the brake is in working condition and I have to pay the liability.
name: Mr. Lim
Details: Hi I just passed my taxi license and like to try to be a relief driver. Any hirer that can suit me or any advise from expert?
name: NeO
Details: Hi all..
I'm a new hirer need to know about this Moove media appoinment letter i just receive..can we reject/decline their offer to paste whatever stickers on our taxis? i know that the taxi belong to them but i as a hirer would prefer it be simple plain and original taxi.can someone explain why we need to go and change the outlook or do they offer us some incentives to advertise their STICKERS??? is there any penalty for not showing up for the appointment? Thanks...To know more regarding above, click here
name: Mr Chris
Details: Hello to all cabbies, I would like to invite you guys to join in
They are a new group of Association for cabbies, hope you guys free log in and make some friends over there. They also have a kopi session everyday, the members over there are very friendly and I meet them most of the time. Come! Join in and don't wait!!!
MCC28 on Wednesday, July 7, 2010 at 06:51:08
name: Chiong
Details: Mr. Zaman. It is all depend on the term & condition that you have agree upon with hirer. however, if you are driving on day shift of cause you have to drive in for servicing because the workshop only open in the day time or you can request to pay less rent on the day of servicing. If you and your hirer cannot come to an agreement. I said drive for someone else.
MCC27 on Sunday, July 4, 2010 at 21:39:55
name: Zaman
Details: Hi all taxi drivers, I'm just a two months old taxi driver who is still learning bout taxi rules n regulation, I have a question to ask all those experienced taxi drivers bout my situation. I am a relief driver but i'm being ask by the hirer to bring the taxi for servicing, is it part of my job or not as the hirer do not share his benefits with me. I just think that it is not right. The timing for servicing is also during my shift. Can someone tell me.
Thanks, Zaman
MCC26 on Sunday, June 13, 2010 at 11:50:58
name: Guys who sued XXXXX Taxi
Details: We are a batch of guys who sued XXXXX taxi over the misrepresentation of flyers and contract and is still on the way, our progress so far had be very encouraging. This message is to further confirm Mr Chris Wee's message earlier.
Many XXXXX taxi driver are unhappy but are not willing to join us for a reason or another, I hope more will stand up and join us in the suit for justice.
name: Ms Karen
Details: Hi, Taxi Friends,
I am new in taxi driver, and my english is not good, is there a taxi company help us to write appeal letter if we had summons or traffic offence and who can help us. Meaning hear us to speak ours story and help us to write accordingly to what we say.
name: mr ong
Details: If you are satyin in yishun there a carpark near rge swimming that u can rent daily basis.All u need to do is to register with the company and the fees is about eighty dollars a year.And u don required to put any deposit.And the cab is a toyota crown(manual).
name: Mr. Wong
Details: On 17/04/10 at 0200 hrs. morning, I picked up a male chinese passenger from Golden Mile Tower and he wanted to proceed to Lor. 14 Geyland. My handphone was placed at the gear shifter. The passenger sat in the front passenger seat. He bent his body downwards and complains of mosquitoes bite and also complains after drinking and feels body hots. Later I then alighted the passenger at Lor.12 Geyland at 0205 hrs.. At 0230 hrs, when I wanted to use my handphone, I realised that my handphone was missing. I did not pick up any passenger after alighted the said passenger.The age is around 30+ and wear blue tee shirt with dark colours jean and dont't wear spectacles. He speaks with me in hokkien.
name: YOOGI
MCC21 name: Ken Teo
Details: If pax ask " Can I use card? " is better for you to confirm the card that he/she going to use.
I experienced pax had EZLink card only.
MCC18 on Tuesday, December 29, 2009 at 10:48:47
name: ong
Details: before sign on with taxi co. think twice,,signing is easy but to get out ......hell of susah... esp... XXXX not good support
MCC17 name: wee  <--- A cabby

Details: I have pick up twice both indian girl age 18-25.once from paya lebar to bukit batoh.second from punngol to bukit batoh. both same dest.without paying both ask me to stop at futher up bus-stop. And quickly they run off without paying meter fair.i recall while between the journey they both sit as low as possible; so when reaching i ask go straight. they reply yes uncle stop at infront bus-stop.
MCC16 on Wednesday, October 21, 2009 at 12:07:02
name: Mr. Ling
Details: I heard that in AMK and Yishun area have some people providing Taxi under "super Relief driver" that we can rent and drive taxi on daily or ad hoc basis. Anyone can provide more info pls email or sms me?. Thank you in advance!!

Please click here --->to know more regarding the above subject.

name: Patrick Lee
Details: AnyBody know where to get smart taxi???
Day by day car.Thanks if provide the info..Have a good day.
name: Mr Andy Tiang
Details: Any members know where to get a second hand island-wide walkie talkie phone? is Grid the only company to subscribe the lines?
Pls advise and thank you.
name: Mr. Ye
Details: Any member know of any location in Singapore, where I can top-up diesel at good price.Thank you very much.
MCC12 ( on Thursday, September 3, 2009 at 12:10:25

name: unhappy XXXXX taxi driver
Details: Calling all XXXXX Taxi drivers to unite and bring the company to justice. They are just interested in getting your signature on the contract. No proper explanation about the "BONUS" scheme.

MCC11 ( on Thursday, September 3, 2009 at 01:16:28
name: unhappy XXXXX taxi driver
Details: Anyone thinking of driving XXXXX taxi do consider carefully before you commit FIVE YEARS of your life to it. There are many unhappy XXXXX driver. Dont belive me? Ask them when you take a XXXX taxi!!!!
name: MR Alex
Details: Hello, does any one your know where to find one or two days day rent taxi to drive / Thanks
name: Mr Lau
Details: Any hirers have good petrol lobang kindly share ur lobang here. E.g: where u pump and how much per liter.... thank u
MCC8 name: Tan  --->
Details: Hi All Cabbies,
Just wanna to share my experience for those with gouts.
- Do not eat food like beans, nuts, seafood(prawns, crabs, squid and certain type of fish,sardine, beer, cauliflowers, aphrodisaics, limit coffee to max 3 cups a day.
- Drink 2 litres of water a day
- If gout strike, immediately drink 3 litres of water so as to urinate and remove the uric acid that swell the joints.
Hope this info can help all cabbies that suffer gouts.
Also like others to welcome and share their other remedies and advise.
Have a nice day........
From:   Date: Saturday, April 11, 2009 5:36 PM

Hi Patrick,
Thanks for you help, it's great to have a website for cabbies!
All the best!
David Chong.

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MCC6 name: Mr Ben
MCC1 name: Peter Tan
enquries: The following message is very useful for the new cabby as well as the existing cabbies.
Sometime ago, I heard someone say that when the passenger board your taxi, you ask the passenger : Which way you want to go? Based on my experience, that is not the good asking. The best is to ask in this way, for example, If the passenger board your taxi from Toa Payoh, telling you to go to Orchard Road.  Your question is "You want to go through Newton Circle or Steven Road?"
The reason is : If you ask the passenger he or her want to go by which way? The reaction of passengers can be many: 1)The passenger may reply that why you do not know the route ? you should know since you are a cabby. The passenger may be really do not know the route or totally new to the area, so the passenger will reply in that way. 2)...... 3)....... etc.
If I ask the passenger based on the above example, you want to go through Newton circle or Steven Road, If the passenger say Newton circle or steven Rd, then follow the instruction. If the passenger say : Any way, then you can tell the passenger which way is faster but cost most, and ask for the approval. This can prevent of not getting the fare when reaching the destination.
Do you agree with me ?
MCC3 ( on Sunday, October 26, 2008 at 07:02:05
name: Philip Low
Details: Being a new cabby for just 3 months, I fully understand the true meaning 'You own the business, you work when you like to work' Money earn from driving my taxi is totally related to how many hours I could put in a day and night! So it is time spend to catch your fare. A lot of lucky element, don't you think you so?
Being a Citycab hirer, I need to go online to check my accounts and my online banking. I assume you do that too. So why not check my website (you can create one, after that too) to let 100 people to put one hour of their time for you rather than you work 100 hours just by yourself! The followings are my CityCab572 websites:
3 use my citycab572 as your code to get into the free 7 days trial
MCC4 Helper: Benson Chua
ContactNumber: 9851 7996
Details: I am a new taxi driver, had been driving taxi once a week. Would like to be a full time driver. I am a male of age 31. Would appreciate if u can give me advise or tips with regard to driving.



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