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Hi Patrick

I would like to bring to your attention that there is cheater listed under the relief driver R1xx66 - Vincent HP 9xxxxx199. He owes me a rental amount of $2000/- and does not pay it up.

It was agreed by him to cover me during my driving suspension period at rental of $100/- per day as he was an authorised xxxxxxx Taxi driver and not a super relief driver. I had also given him incentives like fuel discount and one night FOC each week. A super relief will not get such incentives though rental is slightly cheaper and with restricted no. of days each year. 

Initially he paid the rental punctually, each week. How during my last 20 days of my driving  suspension, he did not want to pay me the rental-$2k)   When I pressed him to do so, he just returned the taxi back to me. Fortunately my suspension period was over by end May 2013 and I managed to drive back the taxi incurring some losses. 

Consulted the police, it had classified as a civil case and it would not interfere. Spoke to the lawyer, the legal fee involved might not worth the while to recover the $1000/- from him. I might end up spending 80%  to recover only 20%. Unfortunately I could not sue him for bankruptcy as the amount of debt is less than $10k. 

I took up with the Union to pursue mediation. So far nothing came about. I have treated the amount of $2k owed by him as my donation to charity. 

I bring up this issue to you so that others may alerted that such cheater is around.  He knows the law very well that I could not do anything on him. To get a tout to harass him is never my cup of tea, as I am an educated and a retired senior administrator.

With best regards 

Richard xxxxx

xxxxxxx Taxi - Hirer  

Reply from Patrick 

Hi Richard, 

I feel sorry for you, I cannot offer much help except offer my opinions and suggestion below and put your letter here to let other cabbies know about it. Other cabbies can express their opinions by e-mail me, and I will put it here also to benefit all the cabbies to prevent further same case happen in future. 

My opinions :

1)      According to what you said, he was an authorised xxxxxxx Taxi driver. From very beginning, you already made a mistake, you should register the relief driver at your Taxi Co. before let him driving your taxi.  Luckily, during the period, no traffic accidents happen to your taxi. If it did, then you will be having more troubles to settle with your taxi company if your taxi was damage and it was his fault and he did not want to bear the responsibility.

2)      Secondly, you did not inform your taxi company about this in advance, then your taxi company will surely not helping you now. Otherwise you taxi company will help you to get back your money.  May be now if your taxi company knows about you letting an authorize driver to drive your taxi, you may be having more trouble again.

3)      I can offer your one suggestion is that you talk to your relief driver to pay you some money back. May be $1,000 or any amount he agrees. Talk to him in a nice matter and with a nice voice.

Thank you for your e-mail and asking all the cabbies to support then we can help each other cabbies better in future. 

Best regards     Patrick

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HI Patrick 

Pls do not get me wrong. 

Vincent Wong is registered with Premier Taxi as the authorised relief driver.

He has paid $1000/- deposit (refundable if he stops driving). I have taken up with Premier. It could not do anything to help up. I wrote to the Taxi Union to pursue the matter.  Whatever I have done is in accordance with the rules and regulations.   

Unfortunately, I could not do much except to ask for mediation from Union/SMC.

He did not answer his handpone when I called him. Neither has he replied my SMS/Email.

I hope through your website, other taxi drivers are made aware of this incident and be alerted about this cheater. He should be barred from advertising on your website too. 

I am a retired Senior Manager/Engineer and can well afford to write off this amount of $2000/- However the principle is not right. I suspect he might have lost money on heavy bettings and tried to squeeze others for money. If he runs into financial problem owing to the need to help to upkeep family, I can even donate the $2000/- to him. I am a very generous person often contribute money to charity. I am not rich but well-off owing two  fully-paid condos. 

For your information, the tribunal court does not handle such matter. Understand this chap was also terminated by NTUC comfort from driving taxi. 

Anyway, thanks for doing something at your end. I do not like to see him cheating another person


Richard Wong

Reply from Patrick

Hi Richard 

Sorry for the misunderstanding made by me. 

 In the meantime, I will not advertise the advertisement of Mr. Vincent Wong  again. At the same time, in case of my overlook, and if his advertisement appear again, Please inform me immediately to delete it. 

Best regards


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