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Note : If you do not fill in your email address registered in paypal account  (May be because 

of you do not have the paypal account), you can SMS  to me if you want to delete your record. My HP (93848852).

Use your handphone sms to me, the handphone number must be the same as of your advertisement appear in . Otherwise your record will not be deleted. (This is to prevent someone purposely sabotage you by deleting your record.)

注意 如果你没有填您的电子邮件地址-注册在Paypal帐户里,但是想删除您的记录, 您可以通过手机

SMS给  (我的手机93848852)

用你的手提电话发短信给我,手提电话号码必须与您的广告出现在 是同样的。 否则你的记录将不被删除 (这是为了防止有人故意删除你的记录)